Required Equipment

During the road to becoming an apprentice, the last step required by you will be to have an equipment and facility inspection by FWC. Once you have a sponsor and you've passed the test, you will fill out the apprentice application which you will mail to FWC with a copy of your test results and a letter from your sponsor. FWC will then approve your application and talk to one of their inspectors, who will call you to schedule a date and time for your inspection.

What do I need?

  • Jesses
  • Leash
  • Swivel
  • Bath
  • Perch
  • Scale
  • Weathering area OR a mews OR indoor perch with supervised weathering outside

You can find the complete checklist from FWC here.

Obviously you will need more things than this little list. This is for the inspection ONLY. You will need to buy more things before you actually get your bird.

How do I buy/make what I need?

This is for you to discuss with your sponsor. Some sponsors prefer their apprentices make all their own equipment their first year, some are ok with purchasing. No matter how excited you are, it is recommended that you do NOT start building a mews/weathering area without the guidance of a sponsor.

The facility could easily cost a few thousand dollars. It would be awful to spend that much only to discover that you built it incorrectly and need to start over.

If you are allowed to buy your equipment, you can find links for various falconry shops in our vendors section. If you are required to make your own gear, templates are regularly found online, and your sponsor can walk you through it.