Finding a Sponsor

So you’ve got the bug. You’ve been dreaming of falconry for what seems like years. Maybe you’ve been waiting half your life to get started.

So, how do you find a sponsor?

A) Post in every group about how this is my dream and someone should be glad to sponsor me.

B) Ask what falconers are hunting and if I may tag along to see a hunt.

B. I would hope this is common sense for most folks, but you’d be surprised how many people shoot themselves in the foot my getting off on the wrong start.

Falconers are not in any way required to take on apprentices. It’s a two year apprenticeship where they agree to teach you what they know if they find you a person worth teaching. They are ultimately responsible for the health of your bird while you are learning and are there to guide you and give you a step up in becoming a good falconer.

But that doesn’t mean it’s all on them. It’s on you as the apprentice to do what you can to find the best sponsor possible. You should try to meet many falconers, and hunt with all of them. Pay attention to their birds and what kind of falconer that person is. Is that the kind of falconer you want to be? Then consider asking them to sponsor you.

Go to local meets, ask in our group, join any clubs near you. You will have to work hard to get out in the field with falconers. Sometimes you may have to look outside your area to find a falconer to hunt with. I have seen people drive more than two hours (one way) consistently to go hunting. Those are the kinds of people who will find it easy to find a good sponsor. You should show that you are determined and passionate, and that you have the time to train, hunt, and care for a raptor. If you don’t have the time to go to the field with falconers to see their birds hunt then you probably don’t have the time for a bird of your own, and you need to consider putting falconry on hold until you do.